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Ouistiti & Cocotte is an innovative and essential online lifestyle media with strong values!

For our readers : a unique editorial line

Ouistiti and Cocotte is a young couple of journalists who has just moved to Paris. Lovers, curious and demanding, they are passionate by the current epoch and the exhilarating city of Paris.
Follow them every month to discover their crushes, their concerns, the places they visit, the people they meet and so much more!
Endowed with a great sensitivity to ethical and responsible initiatives, Ouistiti and Cocotte allow us to discover a unique selection of products and services that reflect strong values. To fully immerse yourself in their world, our media offers relevant and informative articles, an e-commerce website with discovering “gift” boxes and a selection of premium and exclusive products.
Ouistiti and Cocotte, is sparsely you and me! It’s a holistic vision of all the interests that drives us!

For brands and companies : a global experience

Ouistiti and Cocotte is a unique and cutting-edge media that gives you visibility and credibility toward a demanding readership striving for the latest trends . Lifestyle, beauty and fashion, are the topics that constitute the headings of this website which aims to become a staple in the emerging “native media” sector, they have created.
Our desire is to offer quality contents and a global experience to our readers, through a selection of ethical brands, which meet strong commitments. Through our articles, we give them the opportunity to better understand your brand DNA. Thanks to our e-commerce website they can buy, test your products, or find our selection of discovering boxes.
Composed of a multidisciplinary team with strong expertise, we support brands that eager to accentuate their development, in terms of marketing and communication. Journalists, consultants and passionate communicators, offers you their sharp vision to highlight your brand.